Privacy Policy

Information Provided by Client: Client agrees to provide to QBS accurate and complete information as needed for QBS to perform the business services as specified herein. Such information shall include any and all records, receipts and documents as QBS deems reasonably necessary to perform the Business Services selected by Client. Client agrees that QBS may share such information, and any other financial or other relevant data regarding the Client, with other members of the Company, consultants or third parties with a need to know.

Confidentiality of Information: QBS agrees to uphold all of Client’s information in strict confidence, and agrees not to use such information disclosed to it by Client for its own use or for any purpose except to carry out the Business Services herein. Client agrees that QBS may convert such information to electronic form, and either return the original information to Client or destroy such information, at Client’s option. Such information in electronic form shall be stored on a secured system. QBS agrees to keep and hold such information for four years, after which such information shall be destroyed.